Episode 1: Test Run

The first episode of Pwny Racing aired on February 9th.
It was a test run to try out the concept and the technical setup.

You can watch the episode on YouTube.


The participants playing:

  • Jay “jay” Little
    • “Jay Little is a security researcher at Trail of Bits. Jay has over 10 years experience making types and structures in IDA Pro.”
  • Alex “endeavor” Eubanks
    • “Alex Eubanks is a program manager at ForAllSecure, where he spends most of his time balancing spreadsheets, writing up reports and proposals, and scheduling customer meetings. Also he’s hiring.”
  • MurmusCTF
    • TODO

Hosted by:


Author: b0bb
The challenge was an 32-bit x86 pwnable. The challenge can be downloaded here: Challenge 1.

NOTE: The goal is always to get full code execution, even if you in some cases can read the flag without it. We are now hosting the remote challenges so that you can try to solve them against our server. However, there is no way to turn in flags or track progress.