Episode 2

The second episode of Pwny Racing aired on March 9th.
Slight improvements has been made to the infrastructure.

You can watch the episode on YouTube.


The participants playing:

  • borysp
      1. former codisec player 2. current dragonsector player 3. wargames (OTW champ, 100% pwnable.kr) 4. docker/runc bug from last month with Adam Iwaniuk
  • hpmv
    • Silicon Valley guy who has been smashing some CTFs with kainashi (including OTW advent CTF), wargame killer. Hasn’t been going long but is promising with really innovative unintended methods in pwn.
  • Vlad “vos” Roskov
    • Capt of Leet More → More Smoked Leet Chicken → LC↯BC. They won a bunch of stuff in 9 years.
  • Matt “zap”
    • Matt is a full time student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He is currently finishing his junior year and is acting treasurer of RPI’s CTF team, RPISEC.

Hosted by:


Author: b0bb
The challenge was an 64-bit x86 pwnable. The challenge can be downloaded here: Challenge 3.

NOTE: The goal is always to get full code execution, even if you in some cases can read the flag without it. We are now hosting the remote challenges so that you can try to solve them against our server. However, there is no way to turn in flags or track progress.